Our Wedding Wasn’t Perfect, But It Was Still The Best Day Ever.

Our wedding was the best day ever. So cliche sounding, right? But it was!! We cried our eyes out with happy tears and have never felt more loved. But I want to be very clear: Our wedding was not perfect. It was not perfect, but It was so real, so joy-filled, and was absolutely the best day ever.


As we were planning a wedding, I noticed I was becoming consumed with each detail being insanely perfect. Out of all the wedding blogs, articles, Instagram posts, and magazines I read not a single one shared imperfect moments from a wedding day. Everything I was reading was about chasing perfection, wedding features and publications, out-of-my-price-range budgets, and impossible standards. It was so easy to create some unreachable expectations, and I needed a reality check.

I don’t remember who helped me have said reality check, but I do remember the words used. “Andi, it doesn’t matter. None of this truly, really matters. What matters is at the end of the day you will be married. MARRIED! That’s what matters. Cling to that. Give this wedding and more importantly this marriage to God and trust that HE will be glorified in it all.” 

Jason may have accidentally ripped a tiny piece of my dress during this kiss! SO worth it!

Jason may have accidentally ripped a tiny piece of my dress during this kiss! SO worth it!


Friends, that is what matters. And on that note, here are the imperfect, but fully real moments that made our wedding the best day ever.

On the Wednesday before our wedding, our floral supplier called me with some news: The flowers we ordered to use for every arrangement around our home (because we had a DIY, Backyard, Waterfront Wedding…more on that soon!) didn’t arrive. It was Wednesday evening and we had no flowers due to a weird turn of events. But do you know what happened? I didn’t freak out, I didn’t cry, and I remembered that conversation from above. We called a former florist who had connections, and ended up with well over 250 peonies for $100. Buckets and buckets of Peonies. This was WAY better than our original plan. My mom drove to pick up these peonies, and when she arrived she called and said “send a second car!” We laughed with joy, and thanked God for his goodness!


On our Wedding Day, I still hadn’t picked music to play as guests entered the ceremony location. (oops!) Our friend Craig called and said “I’m on my way with my guitar!” He didn’t play love songs…he just picked and strummed his go-to songs. And because I had played for years with Craig in the worship band at church, I knew what his go-to songs were, and I got to sing along to “Simple Man” and “Can’t You See” while I was waiting to walk down the isle. Those random songs that would have been unrecognizable to the rest of our guests calmed my nervous jitters and gave us something to laugh about.

I designed all of our wedding paper–save the dates, invitations, programs, table numbers, and hand lettered all of our escort cards–and this was what launched me into business. An absolute must on my “day-of” checklist was a photo of our matching table numbers, programs, and invitation suite…but especially the invitation suite. And on our wedding day, I forgot to hand over my paper goods to be photographed. I’m not going to lie about this one….I was pretty frustrated at myself for forgetting that seemingly small (but important to me!) detail. BUT some of my favorite detail shots are a few with our programs! And I am thankful for a team of photographers that captured the rest of our paper details despite my forgetfulness.


The week leading up to the wedding, we closely watched the weather, and took a pretty big risk by not setting up a tent over our ceremony location. Do you know a thunderstorm stayed just a few miles away the entire night? It did not rain a drop! Again, we thanked God for his goodness!

In all of the excitement of getting to marry Jason, I forgot to put in my second earring. Do you know that I walked down the isle and had ALL of our formal photos taken before someone told me that I was missing an earring?! As I was panicking that I may have lost an incredibly special set of jewelry, a guest stopped me–with tears in her eyes–to tell me how overwhelmed she was at feeling the presence of the Lord during our ceremony. 

The most perfect leather sandals I bought to wear with my dress hurt my feet so badly I was almost in tears after taking our formal photos after the ceremony. My bridesmaid Jana appeared out of nowhere with a glass of water and my Chacos, and put them on my feet for me.


We couldn’t get my dress to bustle the correct way, and I ended up carrying my dress over my arm all night on the dance floor so I wouldn’t trip. Do you know this made twirling in my wedding dress even more fun? And we laughed so much over my failed bustle attempt. Who would have thought the train of a wedding dress would bring so much joy?


On the way to Raleigh from our wedding, Jason and I talked, laughed, and cried over how grateful we were for these imperfect moments that made our day so special. We rejoiced over the people we love so much, thanked God for his goodness, and set out to have a marriage that matched our wedding day: imperfect, but the best ever. 


To view more photos from our wedding day, click here! All photos by Olivia Suriano of Nancy Ray Photography

Andi Workman